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Treatment by own hands

The scientific - methodical manual concerns the providing of medical aid in emergency situations.

Authors: J.P.Limansky, I.Z.Samosjuk.

In the illustrated manual are described the traditional methods of east medicine (acupressure, acupuncture with a drop of blood, cuffing, etc.). It can be useful in providing of the urgent help and the self-aid in extreme situations and in a daily life when the urgent qualified medical aid is late or absent.

The given manual teach the ability how to help oneself and persons nearby; how to use all chances for rescue of a drowned man; how to recover the consciousness for men that are in a faint, a collapse or a shock; how to relieve the heart pain; how to stop an attack of a bronchial asthma.

Also in the manual are described: the zones for acupressure at a children's cerebral paralysis; the recipes for acupuncture with a drop of blood during high temperature; the ways of preventive maintenance of the catarrhal diseases; methods of increase of an organism vitality, endurance and immune resistibility; treatment of some other diseases are described too.

Methods of providing of the urgent help, described in the manual, do not demand of long training and can be easy learned by any adult person.

The book is designed not only for doctors and medical specialists, but also for the broad audience of readers. This book is helpful for each family.