The device is intended for the laser-scanning therapy by a laser beam in the red or infrared ranges of a spectrum at treatment of various diseases.

Scanning laser radiation has the anti-inflammatory, desensibilic, soothing, spazmolitic, anti-oedemic action, it stimulates metabolic regenerative and immune processes, it raises the efficiency of complex treatment of many chronic diseases and makes active the processes of sanogenesis.

This kind of treatment helps to restore the person's energetic aura.

The device has well recommended itself at the treatment of the following diseases:

  • Allergic diseases (an allergic rhinitis, a bronchial asthma, a local child eczema);
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Local pains of various этиологии;
  • Endocrine systems diseases;
  • Diseases of LOR-organs;
  • Diseases of prostate;
  • Gynecologic diseases;
  • Diseases of osseous - muscular system;
  • Metabolic-dystrophic lesions.

The device allows carrying out consistent application of lasers of red and infrared ranges, it allows carrying out scanning in 8 modes and it capable automatically switch off in the end of procedure.

The device is recommended for application in medical, sanatorium, rehabilitation and cosmetology establishments.


  • Amount of scanning figures – 8;
  • Discrete setting of procedure's duration - from 1 sec up to 99 min;
  • Smooth, two-dimensional setting of the sizes of an influence zone.

The laser radiator’s specification:

  • The radiator, depending on the delivery, can be of one range of a spectrum (red) or of combined range (red and infra red);
  • Wavelength of red laser – 0.63; 0.65 or 0.66 microns;
  • Power of red laser – up to 20 mW;
  • Wavelength of infra red laser – 0.76; 0.79 or 0.88 microns;
  • Power of infra red laser - up to 100 mW;

The scanner specifications:

The maximal size of the working zone on the distance 1000±50 mm from a scanner's target window - not less than 300-360 mm.