The Joint-Stock Company «Medical Innovative Technologies» has been created in 1991 for development and manufacturing of the modern medical equipment for medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy and cosmetology. In 1999 the scientific - methodical center «Medical Innovative Technologies» — SMC «MEDINTECH» has been organized on the basis of the Joint-Stock Company under the decision of scientific and technical coordination council and of All-Ukrainian association of physiatrists and balneologists, and also with direct participation of the Kiev academy of sciences. And Open Company «Medical Technologies — Lviv» has been created in Lviv in 2004.

The basic directions of activity of the SMC «MEDINTECH» are:

  • Development, manufacturing and sale of the equipment for:
    • Medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy and physiopuncture (electro puncture diagnostics, UHF and laser therapy, a magneto therapy, electrotherapy, ozone and singlet-oxygen therapy, ultrasound therapy).
    • Hardware cosmetology (ultrasound pilling, ultraphonophorezis, micro current therapy, vacuum massage, vibro massage, microdermabrazy, brush massage. hydro-laser-vacuum massage, hydrocolonotherapy).
  • Development of methodical recommendations about its applications;
  • Preparation of specialists for work with proposed equipment.

The employees of SMC «MEDINTECH» has carried out:

  • development and manufacturing of 10 basic models and 15 updating of the equipment for electro puncture diagnostics, physiopuncture, physiotherapy and cosmetology. The produced equipment is included into the State register of the medical equipment that is allowed for application on the territory of Ukraine and Russia. 17 patents of Ukraine for inventions and industrial samples are received;
  • 5 large-scale research's works about practical use of methods of physiotherapy and physiopuncture;
  • 12 monographies and 26 scientific - methodical manuals are issued about application of physical factors in clinical and resort practice. The members of SMC has published more than 50 articles;
  • 5 international scientific - practical conferences and 25 schools - seminars has been organized where more than 500 doctors and nurses was training for work with medical equipment of new generation.