Reflexotherapy, Diagnostics

The multifunctional apparatus for reflexotherapy is intended for electro-puncture diagnostics at a threshold level of a current (12 А) that provides the minimal strain of biologically active point (BAP), and for therapy and micro-electrophoresis with impulses of an electric current on resonant frequencies of organs and functional systems.

Application of the electro-puncture diagnostics provides the instantaneous analysis of work of nearly all systems, revealing the reasons of pathology, stages of its development, its possible manifestations and propensity to various diseases.

The proposed system allows revealing disease at a level of change of organ function. This apparatus has well recommended itself in medical practice and has a stable demand.

The apparatus МИТ-1 АE is optimal for:

  • Preliminary diagnostics of a person's functional condition in applied medicine, registration in health centers, treatment, medical rehabilitation, the control of treatment by various methods, in sports medicine and cosmetology;
  • Functional changes of an energy channels condition under physiopuncture;
  • Clinical testing and selection of medication.

Application of the apparatus most effectively at the treatment of:

  • Diseases of LOR organs;
  • Diseases of a locomotorium;
  • Dermatological diseases;
  • Gastroenterological diseases;
  • Neurological diseases;
  • Inflammatory processes and pain syndromes.

The apparatus also can be used for low-lewel impulsive electrophoresis or for work in a Foll-current mode.

This apparatus is recommended for use in diagnostic, medical and rehabilitation establishments.


  • Current
    • Diagnostic mode – 12 А;
    • Therapy mode – 3.4 – 6.4 mА;
  • Relative error of frequency setting – no more than 1 %;
  • Time of change of impulses recurrence rate – 10 sec;
  • Duration of front and cutoff of impulses – no more than 40 sec;
  • Duration of work mode setting – no more than 5 sec;
  • The apparatus operates from four batteries (accumulators) of 316 Uranus M type or similar;
  • Duration of continuous work is determined by capacity of batteries (accumulators);
  • Duration between failures - not less than 5000 hours;
  • Current supply:
    • Diagnostics mode – 15 mА;
    • Stimulation mode – 50 mA;
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) – approx. 120x80x30 mm;
  • Mass (weight) of the apparatus with the complete set of electrodes – no more than 0,5 kg.