The device is intended for preparation of singlet-oxygen cocktails and inhalations on the basis of activation of distilled water’s vapor by rigid ultra-violet radiation.

Singlet-oxygen mixes are advisable as preventive measure and treatment of the various diseases connected with disturbances of oxidation-reduction processes in organism and infringements of an aerobic exchange. The singlet-oxygen mix in organism increases the amount of free radicals and activates the biochemical processes.

The following therapeutic effects are registered as a result of application of singlet-oxygen mixes:

  • Normalization of antioxidant status of an organism;
  • Immunity rise;
  • Risk reduction of an organism infection;
  • Stabilization of an aerobic exchange;
  • Improvement of the rheological properties of blood;
  • Normalization of activity of cardiovascular system;
  • Restoration of membranes potential of a cell and improvement of work of ionic channels of a cell.

The device is intended for application in the medical rehabilitation, sanatorium and treatment-and-prophylactic establishments.

The device is recommended for application as the treatment, the preventive measure and the rehabilitation means for the following diseases:

  • Diseases of the bronchial-pulmonary system (a bronchial asthma, bronchitis);
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (rheumatism, hypertonic, IBS, heart insufficiency and insufficiency of blood circulation, etc.);
  • Neurological diseases (a pathology of brain vessels, a dientsefalic syndrome, a vegeto-vascular dystonia, neurosis and asthenia);
  • A diabetes;
  • Immune diseases;
  • Infringements of an aerobic exchange.


  • The maximal magnetic induction – 200 mTl;
  • Total power of an optical stream of the activator – 4 W;
  • Two channels;
  • Work mode – continuous;
  • Volume of a created mix per minute – 2х2 l;
  • Consumption of distilled water – 2х25 ml;
  • Procedure duration – 5 - 11 minutes.