The multifunctional device for reflexotherapy МИТ-1 (the bloc of the electro-puncture diagnostic - МИТ-1 ЭПДМ) is intended for the automated estimation of a condition of person's functional systems on the basis of measurement of cutaneous electric conductivity of energetic channels at the fixed biologically active points (BAP).

Application of the electro-puncture diagnostics provides the swift analysis of work for practically all systems; it reveals the causes of pathology, stages of its development, its possible manifestations and propensity to various diseases.

This system allows revealing diseases at a level of change of body function and offers the recommendations on influence at BAP in order to compensate the functional changes in an organism. The device has well recommended itself in medical practice and has a stable demand.

МИТ-1 ЭПД works with a computer that does not need modernization.

The device is optimal for:

  • Preliminary diagnostics of man's functional condition in the system of professional medical examinations, in clinical examinations, for treatment and medical rehabilitation, for the treatment control by various methods, in sports medicine and cosmetology;
  • Storage in database data of patients, of the tests' results and cases histories;
  • Creation of recommendations about medical influence and condition correction of functional systems of patient's organism under application of various physical factors: laser-, UHF- and acupuncture;
  • Automatic measurement of the cutaneous electric resistance (CER) in representative points of the body (the data's gaining and creation of the table of measurements);
  • Mode of manual input and reading of EKS values from a file;
  • Formations of the expert conclusions depending on the results of testing according to classical rules of U-SIN;
  • Creation of the риодораку’s map and pentagram (U-SIN chart) on the basis of the table of EKS values.

Basic advantages of МИТ-1 ЭПД are:

  • The simple program interface, constructed with the technology of "wizards" - detailed comments and the minimal set of managing elements, allows working confidently with the program for completely unprepared user;
  • The powerful editor of the case history allows connecting the tests results with any records in case history;
  • The improved graphic representation of topography of riodorack points;
  • Various options for displaying information

The device is recommended for application in medical and rehabilitation institutions, in insurance and sports medicine, cosmetology centers, etc.


  • The maximal voltage on electrodes – 12 V;
  • The maximal current on electrodes – 200 μА;
  • The device provides continuous work during 10 hours