Physiotherapy, Reflexotherapy

The multifunctional device for reflexotherapy МИТ-1 (ЭТ-КВЧ type) is used for reflexotherapy and zone physiotherapy with use of an impulse electric current and electromagnetic radiation of the ultra high frequency (EMR UHF) modulated on the resonant frequencies of organs or of functional systems of the person.

The device is applied: for treatment of various painful syndromes and acute inflammatory processes (except oncologic); for processing of wounds surface; for the calming of hyper functional condition of meridians.


  • Maximal power of EMR UHF is no more than 10* mW
  • The maximal voltage on electrodes for electrotherapy is no more than 25 V
  • A current of electrotherapy is no more than 600 μA
  • A range of resonant frequencies of EMR UHF modulation and of an electrotherapy current is 0-99 Hz
    The note: step of the frequency setting in a range of 0-10 Hz is 0.1 Hz and in a range of 10-99 Hz is 1 Hz.
  • The procedure duration can be set in the range from 1 up to 99 minutes.
  • Supply - 220VAC, 50Hz.
  • Power consumption is no more than 20 VA
  • The device weight (the complete set of delivery) is no more than 6 kg
  • The electronic bloc dimensions - 240х140х75 mm and for connection of electrodes of electrotherapy.

The switch the NETWORK is located on the side panel of the basis.

The printed-circuit-board of indication and control is fixed under the top cover of the case. The printed-circuit-board of a power unit is fixed on the basis. The power unit is connected to a board of indication and control by the plait with sockets.