Steam cabin

Steam cabin
Physiotherapy, Cosmetology

Composition and methods of influence of the HYDROMASSAGE STEAM CABIN:

  • A steam bath with an opportunity of application of essential oil.
  • Hydrolaser vacuum massage.
  • Hydro vacuum ozonization of area.
  • A photo- and chromo- therapy.
  • Contrast jet massage.
  • Magnetic turbo vortical structuring of water.

The basic opportunities:

  • Clearing and disclosing of a skin pores and restoration of a dermal aerobic exchange.
  • Correction of weight, treatment and prophylaxis of a cellulitis.
  • Stimulation of lymph drainage and blood circulations.
  • Strengthening of metabolic and trophic processes in a skin and muscles.
  • Microcirculation improvement of a "tired" and problematic skin, the increase of turgor of a skin, strengthening of neogenesis and a resorption of cicatrixes.
  • The increase of immunity, augmentation of oxygen capacity and hemoglobin content in a blood, normalization of arterial and venous pressures.
  • A relaxation, antidepressive and antistressful action. The removal of fatigue and recovery of strength after heavy physical or intellectual strain.
  • Detoxication of organism (strengthening of the detoxication functions of a liver and kidneys, relieving of an abstinence syndrome ("hangover").
  • Strengthening of sexual activity and production of sexual hormones.
  • The device and a methodology have passed full medical tests and by order #4 from 12.01.2000 of ministry of public health of Ukraine are included in the state register of the products of medical assignment permitted for application in medical practice of Ukraine (the register, the certificate #847/2000).

Distinctive feature of the suggested system is effective combination of six basic variants of influence, majority of which are the KNOW-HOW of our center.

A steam bath with an opportunity of application of essential oils

  • During of one procedure of a steam bath, the person loses up to 500g of one's weight, having spent about 290 kcal.
  • The part of the lost water will be restored in the регидратации of organism but calories are burned down irrevocably.
  • Steam dissolves fats and carbohydrates and, as consequence, cleanses sebaceous and sweat glands.
  • Increase of metabolism intensity is conductive to burning of the greater quantity of calories.
  • Work of cardiovascular and secretory systems is normalized.

There is a purification of an organism from toxic substances through the sebaceous and sweat glands.

Essential oils have powerful impact on all layers of a skin, improving venous and lymphatic outflow from derma and hypoderm, promoting the decomposing of hypodermic fat and the raise of a skin tone, adjusting activity of sebaceous glands and stimulating regeneration of epidermis cells.

Duration of one procedure is approximately one hour. Alternation of the steam procedures with the hydro vacuum laser massage by cool water in ratio of 10 minutes of steam procedure - 3 minutes of hydro laser shower bath is optimal.

Hydrolaser vacuum massage

  • The water rotating in a magnetic field and influenced by laser radiation, gets the unique properties, i.e. it becomes structured (ordered), partly ionized with formation of active ions of oxygen and nitrogen that promotes its deeper penetration and hydration of a skin.
  • Vacuum created at contact of bath nozzles with a surface of a body in the center of influence zone promotes the disclosing of a skin pores, increases the blood saturation and creates the effect of gidrodermabrasy on radial ring due to movement of water with the high speed. As result, effective massage and cleaning of a skin, restoration of aerobic exchange of a skin, conditions for strengthened absorption of laser energy and strengthening of biochemical reactions are created.

Application of hydrolaser vacuum massage in a combination with steam baths is the most effective before massage, a wrapping and others cosmetology procedures.

A hydro vacuum ozonization of area

Ozonization is highly effective not medicinal method of treatment that has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects and viruscidic, fungicidic, imunomodulic, antihipoxic influence.

During a hydro vacuum ozonization occurs:

  • Purification of a skin;
  • Intensification of microcirculation and saturation of a skin by active oxygen — ozone;
  • A stimulation of regenerative processes with the evident anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Normalization of the hormon-produce function and a regulation of humoral immunity.

Distinctive feature of application of a hydro vacuum ozonization is the combination of hydro vacuum and jet impacts on cellulitis area, this promotes disclosing of pores, rising of a blood supply in the affected area and, simultaneously, the supply to the same area of ozone and its strengthened absorption.

The effect of application of ozone is determined by its high oxidation-restoring potential of fatty tissues, its ability to a synthesis of biologically active materials and to intensification of activity of immunocompetent cells, to improvement of rheology and oxygen-conveying function of a blood.

A photo- and chromo- therapy.

The energy of light has active influence on production of one of the major hormones - melatonin. The basic functions of melatonin is:

  • Normalization of all processes in an organism, including the removing of toxins and the control of the immune status of the person, and consequently, his ability to resist to various dermal diseases;
  • Management of biological rhythm and normal dream.
  • The control of mood of the person - his condition: "depression", "euphoria" or "rest";
  • The control of sex activity and production of sexual hormones.

Basis of biological impact of the suggested system is an ability to absorb the energy of optical quantum by specific enzymes and hemoglobin. As result, there is an activation of electron clouds of atoms and their transition to higher energy levels and, consequently, activation of a molecules and increase of biochemical activity.

Hence, a key part in biostimulating effect of quantum energy is the activation of enzymes that is conductive to intensifying of a bioenergy and a biochemical processes in cells.

In addition, application of quantum energy of a various spectrum can activate the corresponding чакр of the person and recover his aura.

Application of quantum therapy can effectively increase the efficiency of cosmetology procedures, activate systems of protective-adaptive mechanisms of struggle against dermal diseases, and is favorable for convalescence and the maintenance of a fine condition of a skin.

Contrast jet massage

Contrast jet massage is the influencing on a skin surface by water jets of different temperature. It provides:

  • Stimulation of metabolic processes in the affected area;
  • A speed-up of processes of recovery of an elastance of a connecting tissue due to quick removing of toxins and intensifying of circulations of lymph and blood;
  • Intensifying of a skin supply by oxygen and glucose.

Application of contrast jet massage has the same effect as work of muscles, but they are in inaction that prevents the accumulation of the lactic acid, which provokes pains in muscles and induces man's uncooperative attitude to the procedure.

Contrast jet massage is very effective for liquidation of stagnation effect. It prompts a prevention of inflammations, a recovery of functions of a skin.

And it is impossible to underestimate such important result of contrast jet massage as a speed-up of a metabolism and intensifying of process of a cellular metabolism. The reason is that tissues, where the metabolism is intensive enough, are less subjected to mechanical and chemical injuries.

Magnetic turbo vortical structuring of water.

The new technique of application of hydro massage systems in a cosmetology has been developed and approved as a result of the implemented scientific researches. Basis of this technique are the effect of the turbo vortical magnetic influence on the water and a presence of the patient during procedure in gradient magnetic field of low intensity.

It is well-known fact that molecules of water are the microscopical "magnets" where hydrogen "pole" has southern polarity and oxygen has northern polarity. This fact explains the formation of water clusters - macromolecules. The more the cluster is, the less the water activity is. When the water passes through a magnetic turbo vortical system of structuring, "fragmentation" of clusters is noted that evokes the rising of its fluidity, permeability and biochemical activity on 25-30 %.

Besides, the person, who is in a cabin, is under influence of a weak constant magnetic field that has the tonic effect on all human organs.