Cosmetology, Physiotherapy

Cabinet is for combined application of the spray-therapy, ionic therapy and фоно-therapy; it realizes a method of the general influence through respiratory system practically on all systems and organs of a human body.

Even the unqualified person can easily operate and maintain this device despite on its great physiotherapeutic potentialities.

Application of an essential oils, phytosolutions and mineral waters provides maximally effective treatment of: bronchial-pulmonary diseases, including a bronchial asthma; the diseases connected to infringements of an aerobic exchange; diseases of an immune and endocrine system; psychosomathic diseases.

КАФ in a combination with other physiotherapeutic methods, medicinal treatment, climatetherapy and physical exercises allows to repeatedly strengthen their influence.

The device is most effective for:

  • Prophylaxis and treatment of chronic nonspecific diseases of LOR-organs and bronchial-pulmonary system; pathologies of nervous system (neurosis and neurotic state);
  • Diseases of a cardiovascular system, an esophagus, a kidneys and a urethra;
  • Treatment of the endocrine pathologies.

Specifications of electro dampener of air:

  • Dispersion's output– 1.0 liter per hour;
  • Duration of continuous work – 2-3 hours;
  • Solutions volume – 3 liters;
  • Weight (mass) - no more than 3 kg.