Physiotherapy, Cosmetology

The bath - balneological system "МИТ-ВУЛКАН", is intended for the jet underwater massage, the vortical massage of foot, the hydro massage (the massage is carry out by the water sprayers placed in bath walls), the aero massage (the massage is carry out by air sprayers placed at the bath bottom), the underwater hydro vacuum massage with application of essential oils and photoactivation of the паравертебральных zones.

Application of the system has the stimulate influence on circulatory-lymphatic system (it liquidates the lack of active oxygen in tissues and blood) and it has the nervous-reflexive, general or local, effect. It strengthens the processes of a protective inhibition in a cerebral cortex and has the sedative and hoposensibolic influence. It promotes the restoration of the nervous regulation of breath, the blood circulation and the metabolism that was affected by the hypoxias and the toxicosis.

The system is applied as the general preventive procedure or as zone therapy for treatment of concrete pathologies according to prescriptions.

Contra-indications are listed in a user’s manual.

The system is recommended for use in medical, sanatorium and rehabilitation establishments and cosmetology salons. Environmental considerations: operating temperature of air - 10-35°C, relative humidity no more than 80% (temperature of air 25°C) and atmospheric pressure 84,0-106,6 kPa (630-800 mm of a hg).


  • Bath volume is 300 l.
  • Useful bath volume is 200 l.
  • Time of bath filling (inlet taps is maximally opened and pressure is - 500 kPa) is 2,5 minutes.
  • Time of bath emptying - 6 minutes.
  • Supply of hot and cold water - a 1“ pipe.
  • Supply voltage - 220 V.
  • Power of motor for hydro massage is 0.7-1.4 kW.
  • Power of motor for electro massage is 0.9 kW.
  • Class 1 protection against electric shock.
  • Protection against influence of an environment - 1PX5
  • Dimensions – 2070x840x830 mm.
  • Weight — no more than 120 kg.