Cosmetology, Physiotherapy

The device for hydrolaser vacuum massage is intended for massage by a water stream and a by a laser radiation of the red range of spectrum (0.63-0.67 microns).

Particular feature of the influence principle offered by us consists in using of the special nozzle, which in a impact zone creates the vacuum that is conductive in disclosing and clearing of the sweat glands and in increasing of blood-vessels saturation and in making easy the massage of a reflexive zone by a water jet. Besides, jet massage by the structured magnetized water is created on an external ring of a nozzle; and the laser stream influences a clean skin.

Application of the device has the stimulate influence on circulatory - lymphatic system (it liquidates the lack of active oxygen in tissues and blood) and it has the nervous - reflexive, general or local, effect. It strengthens the processes of a protective inhibition in a cerebral cortex and has the sedative and hiposensibilic influence. It promotes the restoration of the nervous regulation of breath, the blood circulation and the metabolism that was affected by the hypoxias and the toxicosis.

The device is most effective at treatment of:

  • A syndrome of chronic weariness and latent depressions;
  • Functional changes of a condition of energetic channels during physiopuncture;
  • Various diseases of urinogenital system;
  • Frigidity and weakening of potency;
  • An abstinence syndrome;
  • Corrections of weight;
  • Regenerations of a problematic skin;
  • A cellulites and correction of a figure;

Hydrolaser therapy is applied as the general preventive procedure or zone therapy for treatment of concrete pathologies according to prescriptions.

The device is recommended for medical sanatorium rehabilitation establishments, cosmetology centers, hotels and for domestic use.


  • The device provides hydrolaser vacuum massage with laser radiation of a red range of spectrum (0.63-0.67 microns);
  • A power of optical stream in a red range of spectrum is from 10 up to 40 mW;
  • Operating modes: continuous, tonic (frequency of modulation is 3 Hz), harmonizing (frequency of modulation is 7 Hz), sedative (frequency of modulation is 10 Hz);
  • Duration of one procedure can be set in the range 1-25 minutes.