МИТ-КТ (hydrocolon therapy)

МИТ-КТ (hydrocolon therapy)
Physiotherapy, Cosmetology

The apparatus for an intracavitary irrigation of an intestine "МИТ-КТ" (hydrocolon therapy)

The apparatus МИТ-КТ is intended for intracavitary intestinal irrigations with the purpose of the complete irrigation of a thick intestine and removal from it materials of decay and rotting, and toxins.

High efficiency of this procedure is attained by application of a pulsating stream of the magnetized warm water that is activated by an optical stream of red color and is decontaminated by an ultraviolet optical stream. Hydrocolon therapy promotes mechanical removal from walls of a thick intestine of an epithelium's dead cells, of slime and toxins and of putrefactive анаэробных bacteria that considerable attenuates their toxic action on mucus of a thick intestine; boosts a peristalsis of an intestine; improves metabolic processes and feeding of tissues; recovers a normal relation of microorganisms of an intestinal micro flora, which splits nutrients of a chyme, determines natural immunity, synthesizes vitamins of B group and others biological - active materials.

Indications to application:

  • Correction of a weight;
  • Gastric endocrine diseases;
  • Infringement of metabolic processes;
  • A syndrome of chronic fatigue and latent depressions;
  • Intoxications of an organism.


  • Capacity of the apparatus tank – 20 l;
  • Capacity of the heater tank – 30 l;
  • Duration of a heating of water up to temperature 38°С – 10 - 15 minutes;
  • Induction density on a surface of an water stream – 200 mTl;
  • Power of an optical stream of red color – 50 mW;
  • Power of a ultraviolet stream – 4 W;
  • A ripple frequency of an water stream – 23 Hz;
  • Frequencies of water activation – 1.2; 3.6; 18 Hz;
  • Power consumption – 70 W;
  • Power consumption by a heater – 1.2 – 2.4 kW;
  • Mass of the apparatus (tank is empty) – 12 kg;
  • Dimensions – 1.00х0.33х0.33 m;
  • Power supply – 220VAC, 50 Hz.