The apparatus is intended for ultrasound intracavitary therapy.

The ultrasound is a unique physical factor, which renders an organism the complex biological influence: it is the micro massage of cellular frames and the thermal effect and the chemical action.

Processing by ultrasound raises a permeability of membranes, speeds up processes of diffusion in cells, reinforces penetration into a skin of fluid medicines and unguents, causes micro acoustical streams and capillary effects, and activates redox processes in tissues.

Basis of medical effect of ultrasound therapy is an ability of ultrasound to carry out micromassage of tissues and separate cells, playing the part of the catalytic agent of biochemical, biophysical and physicochemical responses and processes in an organism. Impact of ultrasound waves causes change in a homeostasis of endocellular medium and activates sanogenetic mechanisms of protective responses and endocellular neogenesis.

The ultrasound has evident anti-inflammatory, soothing, spasmolytic, fibrolytic, resorptional, trophic, antipruritic and hiposensibilic effect.

Therefore low-frequency ultrasound therapy has wide usage in cases of:

  • Infringement of bladder functionality caused by hiperreflexy of a muscle throwing out urine, and the raising of a tone of a urethra sphincter;
  • A chronic nonspecific inflammation of a bladder and urethra;
  • Chronic prostatites, vesiculites, urethrites, colliculites, their combinations and complications,
  • The transitional infiltrates of a urethra.

The apparatus for ultrasound therapy "Barvinok" is used for treatment by low-frequency ultrasound of patients, which have gynecologic, urological and proctological diseases, by intracavitary and surface wave-guides.

Ultrasound phoresis by the apparatus "Barvinok" increases in 2-3 times a therapeutic efficiency of medications. Apparatus is irreplaceable for intracavitary sanitation of an intestine after hidrokolonotherapy.

The apparatus is recommended for medical and sanatorium establishments, for cosmetology centers and laboratories of hidrokolonotherapy.

Application of the apparatus is most effective at treatment of:

  • Diseases of peripheral nervous system;
  • Diseases of a locomotorium;
  • Diseases of body organs;
  • Gynecologic diseases;
  • Urological diseases;
  • Surgical sicknesses;
  • Otolaryngologic sicknesses;
  • Stomatologic sicknesses;
  • Eye sicknesses;
  • Dermal sicknesses;
  • Diabetes.


  • Working frequencies of the apparatus is (22 ±1,65) kHz;
  • Amplitude of ultrasound oscillations (2 ± l) and (5 ± 2) micron on a hot end of the wave-guides, which are in air;
  • Amplitude control by steps with the help of a switch;
  • The stabilization time of an operation mode does not exceed 30 seconds;
  • An “repeatedly – transient” operation mode: an exposure - 2 seconds and pause - 5 seconds;
  • Procedure duration can be set in the range from 10 seconds up to 9 minutes with discreteness 10 seconds and with accuracy ±5 %.