МИТ-1 ЛТ 2

МИТ-1 ЛТ 2

The kettle for a laser therapy "МИТ-1 ЛТ 2"

The multifunctional apparatus for a reflexotherapy МИТ-1 (version ЛТ-2) is intended for physiopuncture and physiotherapy with usage of laser radiation of red (0.65 micron) and infrared (0.8-0.86 micron) ranges of a spectrum.

The apparatus provides simultaneous operation of one or of two ultrasound heads that gives the opportunity to influence at two zones or acupuncture points or to work with two patients.

Laser radiation has nervous-reflexive, general or local, influence. Local influence strengthens processes of protective inhibition in a cerebral cortex, has harmonizing and hiposensibilic effect, and boosts an activity of a blood and its saturation by oxygen. Conductivity of the nerve-endings is recovered; the circulation and metabolism are activated.

Mode of a frequency deviation in a range of ±5 % from fixed frequency is stipulated for strengthening the efficiency of the physical factor.

The laser therapy is used as general preventive procedure, as zone therapy for treatment of concrete pathologies and as a reflexotherapy according to prescriptions.

The apparatus is recommended for diagnostic, medical and sanatorium establishments.


  • Power of the red laser - not less than 15 mW;
  • Power of the infrared laser - not less than 150 mW;

Operational modes:

  • Continuous (without modulation of frequency);
  • With modulation of frequency in the range 0.1-9.9 Hz;
  • With modulation of frequency in the range 1-99 Hz.

Power of radiation can be set at both channels in the range of 25, 50, 75 or 100 % from a rated power.

Duration of the procedure can be set in the range from 1 up to 99 (minutes or seconds).

Power supply - 220VAC, 50 Hz.

Mass of the electronic bloc is no more than 2 kg.

Mass of the apparatus with heads is no more than 2.2 kg.

Mass of the apparatus at delivery is no more than 2,5 kg.