Shower system

Shower system

Shower system is intended for mixing and delivery of water of the necessary temperature and specified pressure to the medical douches.

The device allows commutating five douches, for example: a Charcot's douche, upraised douche, circular douche and rain douche.

On a device casing is mounted two shower nozzles joined by a flexible tubes with the mixer that allows making a procedure of a Charcot's douche. There is a possibility, when necessary, having replaced a nozzle, to use this outlet for fan or Scottish douches.

On the right side's panel are located three outlet tubes (diameter 3/4") for connection with douches (for example: with upraised, with circular and with rain douches), each of which can be adjusted by gates on the facial panel.

On the left side's panel are located two input tubes (diameter 1") for cold and hot water (pressure must be not less than 2.5 At). Water supply is realized from a water-main through filters of crude refinement.

The required water temperature and pressure can be adjusted by two gates - latches and can be monitored by device located on the facial panel of the system.


Diameter of input tubes:

– Cold water - 1" – Hot water - 1"

Diameter of outlet tubes:

– Circular douche - 3/4" – The rain douche - 3/4" – Upraised douche - 3/4"

The maximal pressure - no more than 10 At.

Dimensions - 800х400х400 mm

Under the separate contract, the system can be delivered with medical douches (circular, upraised and rain douches that can create the structured water).

Term of manufacturing is no more than 45 days from the moment of disbursement.