The device for magneticlaser therapy «МИТ-1 МЛТ»

The device for magneticlaser therapy «МИТ-1 МЛТ»
Reflexotherapy, Physiotherapy

The device «МИТ-1 МЛТ» is intended for resonant magnetic quantum therapy and is used for zone physiotherapy by a magnetic field and an optical stream of red or infra-red (dark blue) range of a spectrum on resonant frequencies of organs or systems.

The device can be applied for treatment of various diseases, basis of which is infringement of immune and endocrine systems of local blood circulation, also it can be useful for treatment of hypostases, of painful syndromes, of inflammatory processes and some of psychosomatic diseases, mainly neurosis and reactive state especially if they are complicated by infringements of sleep.

In surgery, the device applies in the postoperative period.

The device can be applied in the medical, rehabilitation and sanatorium establishments. Ambient considerations: operational temperature of air - 10-35 °С, relative humidity - no more than 80 % (temperature +25 °С) and atmospheric pressure - 630-800 mm of hg.


Power of a light beam:

  • in the red range - 50±10 mW*
  • in the infra-red range - 50±10 mW*
  • in the dark blue range - 20±10 mW*

The maximal magnetic induction on an applicator surface is 25-30 mTl*.

Range of resonant frequencies of modulation of a light's beam and magnetic field is 0-10 Hz and step of setting - 0.1 Hz.

Supply – 220VAC, 50 Hz.

Power consumption no more than 20 VA.

Weight - no more than 2.5 kg.

Dimensions - 240х140х75 mm.