The device of micro-current vacuum therapy «МВТ-О1 МТ» is intended for combined influence on a human body of vacuum massage and of bipolar pulses of an electric current with frequency of recurrence of pulses - 1000 Hz that corresponds to physiological resonant parameters of work of the ionic channel of a cell membrane.

Micro currents has the mild influence on the epidermis, derma, hypodermic cellular tissues, vessels and muscles and has the stimulating effect upon the work of ionic channels of a cells membrane, are promoting the removing of largedisperce fibers, amino acids, lipids and by-products of a metabolism due to mild lymph draining and raised blood filling of influence zones in a combination with compulsory disclosing of skin pores. Micro currents render anti-inflammatory, desintoxic action, normalize the work of sebaceous glands of a human skin what is very important for a fat skin, and they stimulate the manufacturing of neurolipids-endomorfines and hormones of pleasure.

Combined micro current - vacuum therapy execute the deep cleaning of a skin, tones up the smooth muscles of a skin pores, smooth muscle fibers of vessels and the nervous terminations and, as a consequence, improves the turgor of skin and its aesthetic properties. Also micro currents in a combination with vacuum can be successfully applied for smoothing of wrinkles, for stimulation of a dry skin and for regenerations of a growing old and problem skin of a face and a neck. The device can carry out:

  • desincrustation;
  • lymph draining;
  • miolifting;
  • Regeneration or rejuvenation of skin;
  • Microelectrophorezis.

Application of the device is most effectively at the treatment of:

  • Age dryness and withering of a skin;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Fat skin;
  • Hypostases and pastozic of a human skin;
  • Vulgar and pink blackheads;