The device «МИТ-11» is intended for ultrasound pilling, ultrasound phonophorezis, MLT and biomechanical stimulation.

Device «МИТ-11» can carry out the cosmetological procedures with use of low-frequency ultrasound waves and of pulsed magnetic field in a combination with an optical stream of a red and an infra-red (or dark blue) range of spectrum for executing of microdermabrazy and vibro massage.

The device can do the following procedures:

  • With application of ultrasound waves:
    • ultrasound pilling, the micro polishing of a skin and smoothing of wrinkles,
    • the deep clearing and humidifying of a skin,
    • ultraphonophorezis of a medical materials and creams,
    • lifting and correction of an oval of face,
    • lymph draining,
    • the elimination of kamedons and the normalization of work of sebaceous glands,
    • clarification of pigmentary spots,
    • corrections of weight and treatment of cellulites;
  • With application of a pulsed magnetic field jointly with an optical stream of red and infra-red (or dark blue) range of a spectrum:
    • Removal of hypostases and inflammations of a skin,
    • Increase in sensitivity of a skin to application of creams,
    • Strengthening of creams absorbency and increase of their efficiency;
  • With application of an vibro module:
    • microdermabrazy.
    • vibro massage.

Brief characteristics

  • Working frequency of ultrasound oscillations - 44 kHz.
  • Amplitude of ultrasound oscillations - 2, 3, 4 and 5 microns.
  • The maximal magnetic induction at a surface of the inductor-solenoid - 15 mTl
  • Length of a wave of an optical stream in a red range of a spectrum - 0,67 microns, in infra-red range of spectrum - 0,78 microns (under the additional agreement, inductor of the infra-red range can be replaced on the inductor of dark blue range).
  • The maximal output of an optical stream: in a red range of spectrum - 25 mWt, in an infra-red - 100 mWt.
  • The device provides the fixed change of a magnetic induction at a surface of the inductor - 2; 8; 12; 15 mTl, the output of the optical stream can be set equal to 25, 50, 75 and 100 % from the maximal output.
  • The device provides the setting of modulation frequencies of ultrasound oscillations, of an optical stream and a magnetic field in a range from 0,1 Hz up to 9,9 Hz with step - 0,1 Hz, and in a range from 10 Hz up to 99 Hz with step - 1 Hz.
  • The device has a mode of scanning of modulation frequency in a range from 1 up to 10 Hz and from 10 up to 100 Hz with the period - 10 second.
  • Duration of procedures can be set by the timer of the device within 1 - 99 minutes.
  • Average time between failures - 4000 procedures.
  • Average durability of the device is not less than 5 years.
  • Weight of the electronic bloc is no more than 3 kg.