Physiotherapy, Cosmetology

The device is intended for treatment of patients by the ultrasound of low-frequency or mid-frequency and by an impulsive magnetic field, in a combination with an optical stream of red and infrared (or dark blue) ranges of a spectrum.

The ultrasound is the unique physical factor providing micro massage at a level of a tissue and of a cell that causes the increase of microcirculation in the influence zone and increasing the speed of biochemical reactions.

The magnetic field in a combination with an optical stream has strongly pronounced analgetic and anti-hypostasis effect.

In addition to this unique combination of the above listed factors, device МИТ-11 provides:

  • A three-level principle of influence, i.e. simultaneous influence on the central nervous system (a projection of an oblong brain), on the peripheral nervous system (on a segment of a spine) and on organ or on its projection;
  • A resonant principle of influence on organ or on functional system as a whole.

The device is most effective at treatment:

  • Diseases of a locomotorium;
  • Pain syndromes and inflammatory processes;
  • Gynecologic and urological diseases;
  • Diseases of LOR organs;
  • Smoothing of wrinkles and correction of weight (treatment of a cellulitis).

Besides, the device can do grinding and cleaning of a skin by ultrasound and also carrying out an ultraphonophorezis of medicines and ointments.

Under the separate contract, the device can be delivered with additional nozzle for vibro-massage and magnetic laser nozzle for an intracavitary and zone laser therapy.

The device is intended for application in medical establishments, in sanatoria, in prophylactic complexes, in cosmetology salons and in centers of sports medicine.


  • A working frequency of the ultrasound generator - 44 (880) kHz;
  • Amplitude of ultrasound vibration of a low-frequency head - 2, 3, 4, 5 microns;
  • Power of ultrasound vibrations of a mid-frequency head - 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 W/cm2;
  • A magnetic induction on a surface of inductors - 2, 8, 12, 15 mTl;
  • A wavelength of an optical stream in a red range of a spectrum – 0.67 micron, in an infrared range of a spectrum – 0.78 microns;
  • The maximal power of an optical stream: a red or dark blue range of spectrum– 25 mW, in infrared range of spectrum – 100 mW;
  • The device has the setting of modulation frequencies in the range from 0 up to 99 Hz;
  • The device has the mode of "frequency swinging" from 1 up to 10 Hz and from 10 up to 100 Hz during 10 seconds;
  • Duration of procedure can be set with the help of timer in the range from 1 up to 99 minutes;
  • Mass (weight) of the electronic bloc - no more than 5 kg, mass of the device with an ultrasound head and inductor - no more than 6 kg.