The multifunctional apparatus for physio-puncture and physiotherapy, which uses the laser radiation of the red range of spectrum - 0,65 microns (under the additional agreement - infrared range of spectrum 0,76-0,86 microns) and the electromagnetic radiation of the ultra high frequency (EMR UHF) for ИВТ, МРТ or КВЧ therapy.

The device can work with one or two radiators simultaneously, and accordingly, its can influence at two areas or acupuncture points or work with two patients.

Laser radiation have the nervous-reflexive, general or local, influence. Local influence strengthens the processes of a protective inhibition in a cerebral cortex and has the harmonizing and hiposensibilic influence that stimulates activity of blood and its saturation by oxygen. Conductivity of the nerve-endings is restored, blood circulation and a metabolism becomes more active.

EMR UHF has the powerful anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing quality.

For the efficiency rising of the resonant therapy mode is stipulated the mode of deviation of frequency in a range ±5 % from the established modulation frequency. Thus the procedure begins in the mode of deviation and stops on resonant therapeutic frequency.

Laser-therapy and UHF-therapy are used as the general preventive procedure, the zone therapy to treatment of concrete pathologies and for reflexotherapy according to recommendations.

The device is recommended for application in medical and sanatorium establishments.


  • Red laser power– 10-25 mW;
  • Infrared laser power – 50-150 mW;
  • EMR UHF power – 2-10 mW (EMR UHF is generated on one fixed frequency (4.9; 5.6; 7.2), quasi-noise or noise variant);
  • Discrete adjustment of radiation power in channels – 25, 50, 75 and 100 % from rated power;
  • Discrete setting of the procedure duration - from 1 up to 99 minutes or seconds.

Operating modes:

  • Continuous (modulation is switched off);
  • Modulation frequency in a range of 0.1-9.9 Hz;
  • Modulation frequency in a range of 1-99 Hz.

The mode of frequency deviation - ± 5 % is set.

The device has the indicator of UHF and IR laser radiation.

Variants of delivery:

  • 2 channels of UHF;
  • 2 channels – red + an infra-red ranges of spectrum;
  • 2 channels – above-vein irradiation blood.

Power supply – 220VAC, 50 Hz;

Mass (weight) of the electronic bloc – approx. 2 kg;

Mass (weight) of the device (with radiators) – approx. 2,2 kg.