Physiotherapy, Reflexotherapy, Diagnostics

The device is intended for electropuncture diagnostics and for electrotherapy and can do the following:

  • The search of the АТ by the deviation of an pointer and by the adequate change of sound tone ("SEARCH" mode)
  • The device in a "DIAGNOSTICS" mode can perform (there is the smooth manual calibration of a measuring tract and the displaying of measurement results in the scale of device):
    • Diagnostics by Nakatani method;
    • Diagnostics by Foll method;
    • Testing of the medical products by Foll method.
  • The device in a "TREATMENT" mode can perform:
    • Treatment by a direct current (micro-electrophoresis), (there is the smooth manual adjustment of a current’s strength and its control by the scale of device);
    • Treatment by bipolar impulses in infra low range of frequencies - 0-10 Hz (Foll-Kramer's method, acupuncture-like electro stimulation), (there is or the smooth manual setting of impulse’s frequency at the scale of device or the automatic deviation of frequency from a maximum up to a minimum and back in Foll -Kramer's mode - "variable pulse"), and smooth manual adjustment of current’s strength and its control at the scale of device;
    • Treatment by bipolar electro impulses in a frequency’s range 0-100 Hz (classical electro puncture), with all the possibilities of 0-10 Hz mode.

The device is recommended for use in diagnostic, medical and rehabilitation establishments.


  • A short circuit’s current at measuring devices:
    • In search of AT mode – no more than 10 μA,
    • In a Nakatani diagnostic mode – 200 μA,
    • In a Foll diagnostic mode – 14 μA;
  • A voltage on open measuring electrodes – 12V;
  • An impulse current in a “treatment by an alternating current” mode:
    • 0-10 Hz range – 3 mA and 15 mA,
    • 0-100 Hz range – 3 mA and 10 mA;
  • Duration of an active phase of a medical impulse:
    • 0-10 Hz range – not less than 600 μsec,
    • 0-100 Hz range – not less than 120 μsec;
  • A direct current in a “treatment by a direct current (micro-electrophoresis)” mode - not less than 1 mA @ load 50 kOhm;
  • Power supply – 220VAC, 50 Hz;
  • The power consumption - no more than 45 VА;
  • Duration of continuous work – no more than 10 hours;
  • Dimensions: 245х138х95 mm;
  • Weight – 1.5 kg.