Physiotherapy, Reflexotherapy

The device is intended for electrophoresis or for other variants of electro treatment by pulse or direct current.

Medicinal electrophoresis is a method of simultaneous impact on the patient by the electric current and by the certain medicinal substance that was entered into fabrics by the electric current. In electrophoresis are used the substances that do not lose pharmacological properties in an electric field, breaking up itself onto ions or self-absorbing the ions. Due to fact that the medicine is in the ionized form and the reactance raise of the organism that is under influence of an electric current, even the small amounts of a substance has desirable influence. Besides, application of a substance in the active ionized form to a skin allows considerably prolonging its action.

Besides, the application of an impulses impact at the therapeutic frequencies provides:

  • Removal of spastic reaction of a skin on external irritators (an electric current and a medicinal substance);
  • Simultaneous performance of the electrophoresis and electro frequency therapy by currents of Foll;
  • Strengthening of preparation’s influence due to specific, resonant action of an electric current.

The device is most effective at treatment:

  • Infringements of peripheral nervous system (an intercostal neuralgia);
  • Traumatic injuries;
  • Functional diseases of the central nervous system;
  • Diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • Diseases of digestive system;
  • Diseases of a locomotorium;
  • Rheumatism of joints and sinews;
  • Dermatological diseases, etc.

The device is recommended for application in medical and rehabilitation institutions, in insurance and sports medicine, cosmetology centers.


  • A range of an electrophoresis current:
    • “3 мА“ output – 0-3 мА;
    • “30 мА“ output – 0-30 мА;
  • A range of therapeutic frequencies of modulation by an electrophoresis current – 0-99 Hz;
  • On-off time ratio of current’s pulses – 2;
  • A voltage on electrodes - no more than 15 V;
  • Power supply – 220VAC, 50 Hz;
  • Power consumption - no more than 20 W;
  • Dimensions – 240х140х75 mm;
  • Procedures duration can be set within the range from 1 up to 99 minutes;
  • Weight (mass) - no more than 2.5 kg.