Physiotherapy, Cosmetology

The device can perform the vacuum massage and the magnetic-vacuum therapy due to formation of rarefied air in special nozzles.

Application of vacuum massage strengthens the circulation of blood and lymph and a metabolic and trophic processes in fabrics, positively influences on nervous - muscular systems, promotes neogenesis and a resorption of cicatrixes, normalizes the function of sick organ and produces the specific reactions in internal organs and in an organism as a whole through the central nervous system.

Application of the vacuum massage is advisable before electrophoresis because it clears and discloses the skin pores and increases the blood saturation in the impact zone. The device is irreplaceable in cosmetology for general massage and as the adjuvant means for cosmetic preparations. Vacuum massage can be applied independently or in combination with dot or classical massages.

The device is most effective at:

  • Treatment of nervous system diseases (peripheral парезы, paralyses, neurosis);
  • Treatment of gastro-enterological diseases (ulcer of stomach and of duodenal gut);
  • Treatment of a chronic pneumonia;
  • Stimulating action on blood circulation;
  • Normalization of arterial and venous pressure;
  • Improvements of blood supply of a skin;
  • Increases of immunity;
  • Regulations of activity of a liver and kidneys;
  • Corrections of weight (treatment of a cellulites);
  • A muscular relaxation, rehabilitation after heavy physical or intellectual loading;
  • Rendering of antidepressive and antistressful action;
  • Reductions of the abstinence syndrome ("hangover").

The device, under the additional agreement, is delivered with nozzle that has the magnetic roller that can perform simultaneously the magnetic therapy, vacuum-massage and brush-massage. The action of the nozzle is based on the sucking in the skin of the problem zones, destroying of the fat capsules and removing of their contents through lymphatic system and skin pores. Application of a magnetic roller increases the fluidity of fat and permeability of vessels, and removes the hypostasis.

The device is recommended for application in medical and rehabilitation institutions, in insurance and sports medicine, cosmetology centers.


  • Vacuum created in a nozzle – 0.4 А.Д;
  • Amount of massage nozzles – 10 pieces;
  • Power supply – 220VAC, 50 Hz;
  • Power consumption – 50 W.